Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mangoes are falling from the trees!!!!

P1120138 1024x768 Coconut water, health and a new business industry Coconut water

I have now been in Costa Rica for about 5 weeks and I am feeling fresher than ever. Probably because I've been drinking a lots and lots of coconut water...fresh coconut water. There is something special about this fruit. The water from the coconut truly is a gift from nature. Nothing will hydrate you more than a fresh coconut water, or agua pipa (as the locals call it). They taste so sweet, but sometimes a little fizzy and fermented which is nice too. It takes almost one year for the coconut tree to soak up the liquid from the ground and it gets super filtered and distilled as it goes up the trunk, through the branches and into the coconut. Coconut water is one the best sources of water you can find! The locals here sell huge 6 litre bottles of it for $8....which is pretty cheap considering you'd pay around $5 for a small 500ml bottle in North America or Europe that has been packaged and transported a long way and lost most of its life force. I am very grateful to be in a place where there is an abundance is this amazing fruit. Coconut water is alkaline and has a huge array of minerals and electrolytes which to help hydrate and nourish your cells. 

Now, talking about abundance....right now in costa rica its mango season. There's mangoes on the ground everywhere and they are falling from the trees.....i've almost been hit on the head a couple of times with one! The mango trees are really big, and they produce a lot of fruit!  It is a work of art. They can live for upto 300 years and reach upto 120ft! I've you had no money and wanted to live off mangoes for a few months then come to costa rica!! The mangoes here are probably the best mangoes I have ever tasted, actually......those Indian/Pakistani honey mangoes are hard to beat :) Super sweet, aromatic....mmmmm so good.  I have been eating a lot of mono meals...mono mango meals. I can demolish 3 - 4 mangoes at a time! Mangoes are super nutritious too. Really high in antioxidants like vitamin C, high in vitamin A beta carotene and they also contain a considerable amount of malic acid (which is great for me as I'm in preperation to do another liver flush and the malic acid is required to help soften the gallstones up before release).
"Lupeol, a triterpene present in mango and other fruits and vegetables, has shown to possess anticancer properties. A study has demonstrated the effectiveness of lupeol and mango pulp extraction in stopping prostrate cancer cell growth. Another study has shown lupeol to be effective in killing pancreatic cancer cells, a particularly aggressive form of cancer. Lupeol was not only found to suppress tumor growth, but also to impair head and neck (includes the nose, oral cavity, salivary gland, etc.) cancer cell invasion. Preliminary studies have found lupeol from mangoes and other fruit to be effective in reducing the risk of kidney stone formation." Good to know, huh? 
The vibrant yellow/orange color is good color therapy too. When you begin to consume more raw fruits and vegetables you begin to glow with color and radiance...just like the fruits. You are what you eat! That means i'm a mango right now!! Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables also helps nourish and feed your skin so it can handle the intense heat. Just to let you know....i never use sun screen. I don't need it. I make sure I provide my body with the right nutrtition. My genetics are Scottish/Irish. I am as about as white as they come, yet...after some weeks in the sun I have developed a lovely tan. I am not burnt like a lobster like many tourists who come here. I beleive its due to diet. Your skin is the last place in the body to receive nutrition but the first place to reveal deficiency. If you are drinking coca cola, eating cheeseburgers, sugar, junk foods and dead denatured foods and you go out into the sun you are much more likely to get sunburn and skin problems. However with the right diet and nutrition solar bathing can be really healing for the body. Just be wise and don't stay out more than your body can handle at one time. 

I've you are a vegan, a raw vegan, a frutarian or even if you just like to enjoy amazing local tree ripened fruits then Costa Rica is a hotspot. You see many street vendors selling their products. Be sure to barter with them and you might save yourself a penny or too. It feels good to be in a place where I can eat fresh fruit that hasn't travelled too far to get to where I am, instead of being transported thousands of miles to its destination. Peace folks!!!