Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Health Benefits of Melons

Melons are optimum food for the human body. Watermelon is around 97% water. Not just any old water. Purified and distilled structured water from the earth...with added vitamins. The real original vitamin water. When you eat a melon it actually passes right through the stomach and into the duodenum which connects the stomach to the small intestine. Melons are very easy to digest and infact require very little energy to digest. They also help to alkalize the body. As I have said before watermelons have a special affinity for the kidneys. Your kidneys love watermelon too. It helps to keep them flushed. A simple kidney cleanse will be eating nothing but watermelon for 2-3 days. You can also eat the watermelon seeds and brew
them into a tea. It is always best to eat melons on an empty stomach. "Eat them alone or leave them alone". As melons like to pass quickly through the stomach any food that hasn't digested yet in the stomach will create an obstruction which will cause the melon to ferment. The by products of undigested food can create a source of toxicity in the body. Melons are fun to eat and taste great.