Friday, October 23, 2015

Life in the jungle

Life in the jungle is a little different from life in the city. In fact, they are polar opposites. In the city nature has been conquered. Concrete has been laid all over the face of our mother. We have cut down a lot of the trees, and all of the animals and plants have been made extinct or shunned. In the city humans no longer life in harmony with the heartbeat of mother nature. Instead we live in synch with the machine. The clocks, the traffic lights, the road signs, the CCTV cameras, the surveillance, the control of every minute aspect of human life. Every purchase is recorded, every move is spied upon. In the city life one cannot breathe. The cars, the buses, the trucks, the construction, the drone of the machine, the sirens, the factories, the overwhelming toxicity. It suffocates life. It stunts growth. In the city we live in this electromagnetic 'soup'. We are bombarded with all kinds of EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies), mobile phones and WIFI signals. Just look at your iphone and see how many WIFI signals your are picking up. How can one get mental clarity and peace of mind when your brain is being constantly exposed to all these frequencies? The truth is; we can't. Any many people are suffering being caught up in the rat race. Stuck in the hamster wheel, going round and round. Paying bills, paying tax, paying rent, paying insurance, paying to exist! Then they have the cheek to ask you if you would like health insurance? How can one figure out the meaning of life, who they are, what they are doing here on earth and what their passion is when 95% of their vital force energy is taking up by working a boring mundane job just to pay rent and bills and council tax? Some people don't even have enough money to buy decent quality food at the end of the day.

Anyway....I could rant on and on about the sad society human beings are creating from themselves. Although, that is only one side of the story.

Life in the jungle though, life in nature, is very different. Yes it has it's challenges too, like finding a huge tarantula in the kitchen sink or getting woken up at 4.30am by a bunch of really loud howler monkeys. Costa Rica, where life can actually live. Nature here is ALIVE. And I really mean ALIVE. Everywhere you look plants are blooming and the birds are singing. It feels right. It feels like how life is supposed to live. It is easy to forget about the machine world here. The trees and plants talk to you, and the birds sing to you. Nature is abundant and forever giving, providing us with constant unconditional love and nourishment.

Every day I go and pick fresh herbs from the garden to eat in the salad. I have never before felt so nourished. Even when I was living in the city and I would go to the organic store and buy organic produce it still lacked the chi and life force my body was craving. Most of the fruits and vegetables there had been picked weeks ago and had been sitting in the refrigerator for days being exposed to the dissonant drone hum sound of the fridge. In Costa Rica, things are a little different. Pretty much all of my food is sourced locally and has been picked ripe. When you think about it. For fruit to travel half way around the world, it has to be picked way under ripe so it can ripen along the way and not rot before it reaches its destination. The is not the TAO. This is not natures intention. One could argue the potential benefits of globaliztion and the mass exportation and importation of exotic fruits and vegetables to other parts of the world. I am grateful that I was able to buy fruits like bananas, mangoes and pineapples in Scotland however, nothing can compare to tree ripened fruit. Even better when you can pick this fruit yourself from the tree. That is life. This is spirituality. A human being in communication with mother nature......

Talking about tree ripened fruit.....there is a huge jackfruit tree that is going to provide so much fruit really soon. One of nearly ready, and we are all excited about eating it. Have you ever tried jackfruit? It tastes like bubblegum! It is where the 'juicy fruit' flavor was derived from. Oh pachamama. I am eternally grateful for all your precious gifts. You nourish me, you take care of me and you love me. The feeling is mutual by the way.